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Hi All,

We build a SharePoint 2010 (foundation) multi-tenant environment. And we had some problems with the people picker.

In our code we set the Set-SPSiteSubscriptionConfig -UserAccountDirectoryPath, but still the people picker would not work properly. Why?!!?
After some digging into the farm settings my colleague found the solution. By entering the following powershell:

[Reflection.Assembly]::Loadwithpartialname("System.DirectoryServices") $webapp=[Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPWebApplication]::Lookup("http://webapp url")

now the webapplication is set

$webapp | select PeoplePickerSettings -ExpandProperty PeoplePickerSettings

This will give the next result:

SearchActiveDirectoryDomains : {}

ActiveDirectoryCustomQuery :

ActiveDirectoryCustomFilter :

OnlySearchWithinSiteCollection : False

PeopleEditorOnlyResolveWithinSiteCollection : False

DistributionListSearchDomains : {}

ActiveDirectorySearchTimeout : 00:00:30

NoWindowsAccountsForNonWindowsAuthenticationMode : True

ServiceAccountDirectoryPaths : {}

ReferralChasingOption : All

ActiveDirectoryRestrictIsolatedNameLevel : False

AllowLocalAccount : True

ShowUserInfoListSuggestionsInClaimsMode : True

UpgradedPersistedProperties : {}

As you can see the setting ReferralChasingOption is set to “All”, but this is not completely true…. After reapply the ReferralChasingOption All setting the people worked like charm!

$webapp.PeoplePickerSettings.ReferralChasingOption = [System.DirectoryServices.ReferralChasingOption]::All; $webapp.Update();

Have fun!

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