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Recently I found a very interesting blog about an automated installation of a RDS Session Host farm 2016 from @citrixguyblog:

I thought this is cool and exactly what I was looking for! So setup my home lab for HA mode.

• 2x RDS Session Host
• 2x RDS Broker
• 2x RDS WebAccess
• 2x RDS Gateway
• 1x RDS Licensing

I ran into a strange issue for adding the second broker:

All test servers where made of 1 syspreped vhdx file. So I can assure you, the patch level and the windows version are exactly the same.
So why is it not the same version? Did I do something wrong? Checked everything I could, and in my opinion I did everything by the book.

After rebuilding my home lab 10 times. Run the script line by line until I reached the problem line in PowerShell. Checked everything again, run the peach of code and it still gives me this error… not again!
Started the server manager GUI and opened remote desktop section, added the second broker with the GUI. That worked! What the f*** was my first reaction, Why?

After some research I found a proper solution. First install the RDS-Connection-Broker role then re-run add-RDServer code. In my script it now looks like this:

#Join ConnectionBroker02
    Invoke-Command -ComputerName $config.ConnectionBroker02 -ScriptBlock {
        Don't know why, but pre installing the RDS-Connection-Broker role prevents the error: The server BR2.rdsfarm.lab has to be same OS version as the active RD Connection Broker server BR1.rdsfarm.lab: Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard.
        Install-WindowsFeature RDS-Connection-Broker
    Add-RDServer -Server $config.ConnectionBroker02 -Role "RDS-CONNECTION-BROKER" -ConnectionBroker $config.ConnectionBroker01
    Write-Verbose "Joined Broker Server: $($config.ConnectionBroker02)"  -Verbose

I also made some other changes and refactored the code of @citrixguyblog. You can find these changes on github as well


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