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Hi all,

In our company we have lots of Dell servers. And from each server you want to know when the warranty will expire. So you can update the warranty or make plans to buy new servers and replace them…
We all know that you can check the status of your warranty on the dell site itself. When you only have a few servers you can check them by hand or try to edit the url by hand:
But after a few attempts the site will ask for captcha…. and maybe your arms and hands starts to tingle ;-).

So Dell created API’s for that, but you needs to register yourself first!

Here we go:
– Go to
– Register yourself

Once registered and able to login into the techdirect site.
– Go to the API section “Visit APIs”.
– Hit the “Request API key” button.
– Follow the workflow and make sure the you request the check warranty! And the amount of servers you want to check every day.
– Then you need to active the warranty part, this can take a view days before the request is approved. But after that it should look like this:

Once approved you will receive an api key by mail. (I used a none existing apikey!)

So, now you can automate your warranty check:

My modified (multi tag check with gridview):

Original script:

If you want to know a bit more about the API visit:


Sander click to find out more