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Is it a bug or is it by design? Maybe I do something wrong… Please let me know I will update the blog 🙂
I did the tests with nested VM’s!

Ok than… I was testing some basis things with creating Nano server images. After creating the image with a VHDX file I created a new VM:

New-NanoServerImage -MediaPath 'D:\' -TargetPath .\nano-001.vhdx -Edition Datacenter  -DeploymentType Guest `
                    -ComputerName NANO-001 -AdministratorPassword $pwd -EnableRemoteManagementPort


New-VM -Name NANO-001 -MemoryStartupBytes 1024MB -VHDPath .\nano-001.vhdx 
Start-VM -Name NANO-001

Everything looks fine until you try to do some remote PowerShell… Every time I was getting errors that PowerShell remote has issues. So I connected to my newly created VM, and saw the following error:


I turns out that if you create a VHDX image you must specify the generation switch and set it to 2! I even tried the boot device switch and pointed it to VHD of IDE. That didn’t work either. The only option was a generation 2 VM… Let me show you:

New-VM -Name NANO-001 -MemoryStartupBytes 1024MB -VHDPath .\nano-001.vhdx -Generation 2
Start-VM -Name NANO-001



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