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Hi all,

We have two SharePoint 2010 environments in house. One without claims based authentication (old), and one with claims based authentication (new). After creating a backup and restored this backup (backup-spsite/restore-spsite commands) into the new environment we had issues logging in into the site. WHY??

Both SharePoint environments are in the same domain, so SID should not be the problem…. After some search I found that the new environment useses claims based authentication. That means that every new users gets something extra in front of the account i:0#.w|.
This indicates the use of claims based authentication. Our user from the old environment are like: DOMAIN\Username Users in the new environment are like this: i:0#.w|DOMAIN\Username how to fix this?

$user = Get-SPUser -Web "http://sharepoint.domain.ext" -Identity "DOMAIN\Username" 
Move-SPUser -IgnoreSID $user -newalias "i:0#.w|DOMAIN\Username"

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